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Special discounts straight drop back everything is wonderful gift to send rice, sending oil, sent in flavor cola

States United States last week, "Great New Year, Big Benefit" special offers set off a new round of upsurge in the capital goods market, Beijing Gome sales doubled year on year, "sales of flat-panel TV to complete the task, has broken the record last week!", "Digital completion sales tasks, and to set a new record high! "," ice wash over done! "," mobile phone sales over the past history of levels! "... ... a series of data for the upper and lower segments are inspired by Beijing Gome.

The industry believe that the coming Spring Festival season, consumers shop around, shopping environment, service levels can show the strength of store than to go finally came to the country than the United States to buy electrical appliances, indicating the country is the United States in these areas have absolute advantage. Capital goods market last week cut prices and profit sharing pervasive smoke. Wang Huiwen, general manager of Gome Beijing branch, said the pace with the Spring Festival approaches, the country the United States in the next two weeks, continuing to increase promotional efforts, Beijing bottom line appliance market prices, service standards are the United States as a pilot country bounden duty of those who must ensure that the capital to buy quality and cheap consumer goods, are happy to have a good fire in services.

Entire category of goods sold hot start another week, none other crazy move

States United States last week, none other

to Ahn Jung-store promotions, Madian Eagle stores, Beitaipingzhuang shop, garden shop bridge, the first body shop, shop Shilihe six dots radiation flagship store 51 stores all the capital invested 8.0 billion of goods resources, and increase the special, straight down, gifts, discounts, back is the intensity, full line of none other over a hundred million, the National US-New Year Spring Festival Beijing appliance sales strategy to market to a climax. Main strength of the United States as the country's flat panel television projects an unprecedented intensity ones who enjoy the Spring Festival, the capital from the outset by the concern of consumers: domestic 32-inch LCD drop below 4,000 dollars, made 37-inch LCD below 6,000 yuan, below the 8000 domestic 42-inch LCD Yuan, 37-inch LCD joint venture below 8,000 yuan, a joint venture 40/42 inch LCD below 9,000 yuan, the Beijing offer consumers a flat-panel TV Chinese New Year feast, Gome the supermarkets again the flat panel TV Fengqiang situation.

Hancu another market force?? 3C digital consumers not only for the capital brought low prices, but also for consumers to send a large number of beautiful and practical gift: Sony DC, DV type sent by 512/1G memory stick, tripod, DVD CD-ROM; JVC DV camera by sending models with, tripod, camera bag; Panasonic Model photo sent by a full range of photo 512M/1GSD cards, bags, CD, tripod; Samsung NV3 digital camera blues , NV7, NV10 send 1GSD card ... ... a series of gifts to the capital goods market your joy by the capital consumers.

Also sell ice-wash sample five fold, 3C product limit privileges, cell phone, "credit, and deliver Gifts", kitchen stoves heat tobacco consumption fell 60% the highest package, refrigerator, washing machine prototype 5 fold sales, 3C limit privileges, phone credit, so special, low-cost commodity composition of the Chinese New Year feast for consumers snapped up the capital. Division General Manager of Gome Beijing Wang Huiwen said that during the Spring Festival, the capital goods market competition is very fierce, fall behind, Beijing Gome's sales records in recent weeks has been on the scientific analysis, the results show that there is still the capital goods market larger sales space, the country capital of the United States this week, according to market demand for household appliances of all goods and adjust the deployment of scientific, preferential ones who enjoy this week will be even greater.

Promotional efforts continued Monday to Friday weekday sales boom set off

Gome has been lower prices and promotions word of mouth among consumers in the capital, last week's activities to the capital after an addiction really consumers, many consumers are gifts and more hands to hold, but , Gome stores enthusiastic sales staff had sent a car to help the consumer. There are many consumers did not catch up over the weekend promotion was very sorry, in order to meet the capital needs of consumers, this week, Gome activities continue to increase efforts weekday, more exciting activities for consumers in the States United States capital Electric to buy products at the same time get more benefits.

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Gome: "great New Year," The Capital Sales Leader

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This article was published on 2010/09/19