Huang Guangyu Recombinant Zhongguancun: The Capital Of A Lose

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Gome Backdoor success in Hong Kong after

Huang Guangyu Want to plug in its real estate business is also capital of the wing, the Mainland companies in Zhongguancun (000 931) as Huang Guangyu of the capital game, but this time, Huang Guangyu, "Shenhuqiji" the capital once again failed to reproduce the mode of operation, whether listed companies in Zhongguancun, or Huang Guangyu, I have become the capital of this game losers?? Zhongguancun reorganization fails, Huang Guangyu jail.

Backdoor Whole Story 2006 4 5, Zhongguancun (000 931) announced on, a major shareholder in Beijing live in total Group will hold 101 million shares transferred to the Peng-Thai investment company, accounting for 15% of the company's total share capital, transfer total price 78.55 million yuan. Peng Thai investment is the actual controller Huang Guangyu, Huang Guangyu this is the first official appearance in Zhongguancun, news announcement, the stock immediately ushered in Zhongguancun 4 daily limit, four trading days up from 2.5 yuan to 3.67 yuan.

However, living in Beijing and Huang Guangyu the total group just signed an agreement of intent, Huang Guangyu real White Zhongguancun or after 3 months. July 27, 2006, again issued a public notice in Zhongguancun, Beijing live in total shareholder group will hold 40% stake in the formal transfer to the three companies, of which 27.51% Peng Thai investment in the shares of the transferee as the new number one shareholders, Guangdong Wen audiovisual 7.5% stake in the company transferee, the transferee holding company Sea source 5% of the shares. Guangdong Wen's actual control of audio and video are Huang Guangyu Xu Zhongmin Chaoshan fellow, for alleged economic crimes are still under police investigation, the actual control of the sea resources are controlled section of Wing Kei, Zhongguancun, the company's former president. So far, the official White Zhongguancun Huang Guangyu, following the acquisition of Hong Kong in 2004 after the capital automation, Zhongguancun as Huang Guangyu of the second shell resources.

Huang Guangyu purchase price was about 0.78 yuan per share, compared with net assets in 2005 to 0.74 yuan per share, a slight premium to acquire a controlling 27.51 percent, Huang Guangyu pay a total of 144 million to 144 million In the A-share market to obtain a shell resource, may appear to cost is not high, however, lies in the latter part of the real costs of restructuring costs.

Huang Guangyu from the first official appearance in Zhongguancun, the park's stock is only 2.5 yuan to the official White Huang Guangyu, the company rose to 5.2 yuan, up more than three months doubled. July 2006, A-share market bull market has started, the Shanghai index was 1,680 points, 6,000 points from the peak was still a considerable distance, while the White Zhongguancun in the stimulation of Huang Guangyu, the stock is far more than tape, to September 28, 2007, the company share price has risen to 14.76 yuan, from the official White Shiyou Huang Guangyu up more than 180%, if Huang Guangyu debut from 2.5 yuan when counting, the share price rise has been as high as 490%.

Huang Guangyu to the original cost of 0.78 yuan per share, a year of time has risen to 14.76 yuan, if the cash from the secondary market point of view, no doubt is a classic of capital operation, however, Huang Guangyu backdoor mainly his intention, he had more ambitious capital operation. From the perspective of asset restructuring, the share price rising rapidly means that restructuring costs abreast simply, if the original value of 1 million Zhongguancun, Huang Guangyu of assets into the needs of the corresponding 1 billion, but shares rose 1 times after Huang Guangyu need to inject 2 billion in the corresponding assets. In order to prevent the stock price continued to climb, Wong Kwong Yu decided to lock the restructuring costs, in the September 28, 2007 announced the suspension of Zhongguancun, the day the stock closed at 14.76 yuan in Zhongguancun.

After a lengthy suspension, the Zhongguancun finally May 7, 2008 announced the resumption of trading, Huang Guangyu officially unveiled the plan assets. Zhongguancun plans to 14.67 yuan / share non-public offering of shares of not more than 1.227 billion A shares acquired 100% stake in Eagle Holdings, which means that listed companies in Zhongguancun shares issued 18 billion yuan, 18 billion yuan of real estate acquisition business Huang Guangyu, this and Huang Guangyu, 2004 Capital Automation in Hong Kong when the backdoor approach are almost identical.

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Huang Guangyu Recombinant Zhongguancun: The Capital Of A Lose

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